Academic Paper: Social Identity of a Woman

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Academic Paper: Social Identity of a Woman

Social Identity of a Woman

In her description of a woman’s role, Christine asserts a woman to be in control of her own social identity depending on the way she controls her domestic system. Her social worth increases in the eyes of the community depending on how she conducts her affairs both at home and the workplace (Altmann, Mc Grady, 109-110).

She describes women’s roles depending on the different social classes. Women of each rank must diligently and vigorously perform their wifely roles for the economic well-being of both their home and community. For instance, Christine expects women of higher ranking to be of complete know-how of their husband’s business for them to manage effectively their finances in the absence of their husbands. She also expects these women to know how to control their husbands not to overindulge in unnecessary expenditures that would land them in debt.

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