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Academic Paper: The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism

The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism The changing trends of digital capitalism often contradict distinctions between workers and authors more than they clarify them. For instance, digital workers are often the authors of content for the increasingly convergent and synergistically organized end markets of entertainment capitalism. However, authors whose rights have been thoroughly violated are…
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Custom Academic Paper: A Regressive Tax

A Regressive Tax A regressive tax refers to a tax policy that levies more on the low-income earners than on the wealthy or high-income earners. On the basis of this policy, the low-income earner pays more as a percentage of their gross income budget than the wealthy.

Custom Academic Paper: Technological Innovations in IT

Technological Innovations in IT Technological innovations in IT have enabled other industries, such as data transcription, software engineering and customer service centers to shift work around the globe. Institutions of higher education, as well as high-skill health care service providers, are also focusing on global outsourcing.

Custom Academic Paper: Taxation in the US

Taxation in the US Reformist, law-makers and analyst in the U.S have been pushing for a fair tax system for their citizens. Indeed, fairness taxation is a critical aspect of any economy in the world. The majority of developed countries’ policy makers and analyst argue that payment of taxes is a prime contributor to the…
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Custom Academic Paper: Sexual Revolution in the 1920

Sexual Revolution in 1920 The sexual revolution in the 1920s was attributed to Freud’s writing on sexual liberation and psychosexual issues. It signified the end of the Victorian era of philosophy on sexuality leading to dramatic changes in attitudes, behavior and perception on sexuality. Sexuality was no longer a taboo but was discussed openly and…
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Academic Paper: Competitive Advantage in Business

Competitive Advantage in Business Competitive advantage plays a number of roles in the business world. These roles help to sustain a business in the ever competitive markets. Some of the major roles played by competitive advantage include: i.          Cost leadership. In most markets, the competition usually revolves around the pricing. Thus, unless the businessman is…
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