Academic Paper: The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism

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Academic Paper: The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism

The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism

The changing trends of digital capitalism often contradict distinctions between workers and authors more than they clarify them. For instance, digital workers are often the authors of content for the increasingly convergent and synergistically organized end markets of entertainment capitalism. However, authors whose rights have been thoroughly violated are left out with unfulfilled missions.

One of the reasons behind the development of global social factories or rather digital labor is the volatility of the modern world economies. The global economic recessions in the major players at the global arena, effects of civil strife in some developing nations, and incompetent governance are some of the major contributors to the current economic disparities.

The majority of workers is leaving permanent employment to volatile digital labor industries that offer fewer opportunities of continuity. The concept of social factory negates the Marxian operational ideology that relates production to machinery. The employers are also benefiting from this dynamic move to the extent that their operations have become organic. The main challenge is that there is an erosion of business culture that might threaten the future operation of such business.

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