Academic Paper: Consequences of English as a Second Language

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Academic Paper: Consequences of English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language


It is of advantage to the college fraternity when English is appreciated as a second language for it will increase the job opportunities acquisition opportunities for students who graduate (Immihelp 2011). Most students will succeed in job interviews and start to earn a living. They will as well be working in a comfortable environment as they are competent since fluency in the language is essential (Immihelp 2011). The English language is as well a link of communication between people with many native languages (GOTessay 2011).


However, although English is being used as a linking language, it is subject to criticism. Different people at the college from native languages will certainly speak correctly and grammatical English, but their accent is quite tantalizing (GOTessay 2011). This is the drawback to the efforts of improving the language. It is a formidable challenge to change this since it is their nature to speak that way because it is inborn.

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