Academic Paper: Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling

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Academic Paper: Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling

Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling

In the book Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling, the Gerald and Virginia (2005) talk about the different scenarios and situations that counsellors usually have to deal with. The chapters present the various challenging cases that usually out the counsellors in a dilemma when dealing with the clients. Reading through the chapters and the outlined titles, chapter 7 and chapter 8 strike me as the most challenging.

Chapter 7 talks about spirituality and addictions (Gerald & Virginia, 2005). Religion is a very delicate subject. Depending on how an individual was raised, his religious beliefs may or may not be in agreement with those of the counsellor. Dealing with a case on spirituality and addictions would present a very challenging situation for me. Considering the client may have indulged himself in spiritual cults and practices, it would be difficult for me to counsel this client without getting offended. According Gerald and Virginia (2005), clients suffering from spiritual addictions are not easily moved from their beliefs. Whether it causes harm to their lives or not is not a problem to them. Thus, having a different religious view, I will have a very big challenge as my client’s beliefs may contradict mine and end up causing a conflict in my profession.

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