Academic Paper: Difference between Good and Bad Leader

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Academic Paper: Difference between Good and Bad Leader

Difference between Good and Bad Leader

There are a number of theories which have been important in pointing out the differences between the good leaders and the bad leaders. These same theories also apply in the classification of good and bad managers (Yuki, 2002). The basic idea behind these theories is the fact that they point out the various traits which leaders need to possess if at all they are going to be successful. Failure of executing these traits means that leadership role will not be a successful one. These traits are which most people look out for when selecting a leader or a manager for a team.

The trait theory as explained by Ralph Stoqdil is a very important one in explaining the relationship between the qualities possessed by a leader and how these affect his leadership role. Leaders usually take different forms in the traits they portray at the workplaces. There are those who relate freely with their fellow colleagues and the employees (Stogdill, 1994). When it comes to making decisions, such leaders are not shy in consulting for ideas. These are the democratic leaders.

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