Academic Paper: The Key Goals of the ALS Campaign

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Academic Paper: The Key Goals of the ALS Campaign

The Key Goals of the ALS Campaign

The second final poster in the ALS campaign is a sketch thumbnail. Though similar to the fist thumbnails, in design, the final poster has portrayed some differing aspect. The final poster’s message is clearer that the first. The second half of the poster reads HOPE, FIGHT, LIVE, in bold and uppercase. The demographic difference may be attributed to the fact that the final poster is meant to be the one that portrays the key goals of the campaign.

To achieve this, the keywords in the poster occupy the bigger part of the page. This demographic allocation is aimed at demonstrating the magnitude of the main objective of the campaign; to instill hope in those directly and indirectly affected by ALS, to channel the hope towards fighting the monster called ALS, and to give a sense of life to those who are suffering from ALS. A first glance at the poster gives the viewer a direct impression of its purpose.

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