Custom Academic Paper: Adolf Hitler as a Leader

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Custom Academic Paper: Adolf Hitler as a Leader

Adolf Hitler as a Leader

Adolf Hitler was also a leader. He served as the military commandant in the German army. Adolf Hitler became popular during the World War Two. It was at this time that he had full command of the German army in instructing them what to do and what not to do.

When the war came to an end, his leadership qualities were very questionable among his subordinates (Housden, 2000). They claimed he was a man who instead of leading them in making the right decisions when at war, kept preventing them from the proper conduct of the war. His image was that of a meddler in the military operations who was stubborn and did not have trust in his generals. He relied too much on his own instincts and in the end contributed to the downfall of the German nation. This is what earned him the title of being a bad leader.

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