Academic Paper: Anita Roddicks Education

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Academic Paper: Anita Roddicks Education

Academic Paper Anita Roddick’s Education

Anita Roddick pursued her high school education at the Maude Allen Secondary in Little hampton (McAleer, 2010). She was an extremely passionate student who took her school work seriously. Upon completing her tertiary education to become a teacher, she did not waste any time.

Because of her hard work, she was given a scholarship by her school to go study in Kibbutz. Anita took the chance and travelled to Israel in 1962. This was the start of her successful business career. Anita was a widely travelled person who enjoyed learning and exploring the world for knowledge. After Israel, she set out to explore Tahiti, Madagascar, Reunion, Australia and South Africa (McAleer, 2010). She visited these places for both studies and travel.

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