Academic Paper: Basic Metabolic Rate

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Academic Paper: Basic Metabolic Rate

Basic Metabolic Rate

Calories are essential for the normal functioning of the body. An individual requires a certain amount of calories depending on the age, height, physical activity, weight and gender. Caloric intake or requirements in food are dependent on the amount of energy that is found in the diet. The following essay is a discussion of an analysis of my estimated caloric needs based on two days assignments and my future dietary changes made from the results.

BMR is defined as the amount of energy expended when an individual is resting. Even when resting, the body still burns some calories from such processes as respiration, the heart pumping blood throughout the body and by maintaining the body temperature. To determine the number of calories required to maintain, lose or gain weight, it’s necessary to factor in the number of calories required through BMR, as well as those burned out during the day. There are various factors that determine BMR including gender, age, weight, diet, body surface area, body temperature among others. The healthy acceptable ranges of calories required for each intake are carbohydrates 45-65%, proteins 10-35% and fats 20-35% (Hand, 2011).

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