Custom Academic Paper: Benefits Packaging Program

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Custom Academic Paper: Benefits Packaging Program

Benefits Packaging Program

Making changes to the benefits program is a very crucial step in an organization. There are a number of factors that have to be considered when these decisions are being made. These factors are what help the managers make the right decision and avoid taking risks or making mistakes in the process.  For the case of changing the benefits program, the factors that the manager will have to consider will be efficiency, costs, flexibility, legal issues, and the long-term benefits (Laeng, 2005).

The efficiency of the benefits packaging program is important because it is what will determine whether the program will be of benefits to both the organization and the employees on the program. The cost of the program is also an important determining factor. The benefit program being put in place is supposed to fit into the financial budget of the organization. It is important that this is considered so that the organization does not find itself in a position where it has to outsource for funds in order to implement this benefit program (Fabian, 1998). The flexibility of the program is also very important. The program being implemented should be able to able to adapt to future changes made in the company without making the company incur more costs.

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