Academic Paper: Brazil in Authoritarian Situation

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Academic Paper: Brazil in Authoritarian Situation

Brazil in Authoritarian Situation

Similar to the regime changes that had taken place earlier, there was the division in the armed forces’ officer corps. There was the group that believed that it was proper for them to confine themselves when it came to professional duties. The other group was comprised of the hard-liners. This group looked at the politicians as scoundrels. In their view, these politicians were in the process of betraying Brazil.

They would hand over the power from Brazil to the communism. The hard-liners eventually secured their victory. As a scientist Juan J. Linz put it, they were able to drag Brazil’s into “an authoritarian situation”. However, despite their victory, the hard-liners could still not give a deaf ear to the counterweight opinions of their colleagues. There was also a lot of resistance that came from the society. Thus, it was impossible for them to institutionalize the agenda they had politically.

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