Academic Paper: The US and Brazilian Culture

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Academic Paper: The US and Brazilian Culture

The US and Brazilian Culture

The U.S.A has a UAI of 46 compared to that of Brazil; 76. Such an enormous disparity suggests that the U.S.A is more lapsed when it comes to taking a business risk and conducting business in uncertain environments. Brazil portrays a relatively low individualism/collectivism index of 38, compared to U.S.A’s 91. The disparity indicates the Brazilian culture is more collective than America’s.

Business players safeguard the interests of others. Collectivism also portrays elements of loyalty among industry players. America’s culture is individualistic. Business players act on an individual basis. To some extent, individualism is viewed as the key to a successful nation, as opposed to collectivism. However, a collective culture views individualism as an immoral trait to exercise in the field of business.

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