Academic Paper: CBT as an Engaging Process

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Academic Paper: CBT as an Engaging Process

CBT as an Engaging Process

CBT is an engaging process that allows patients to identify and eliminate the negative aspects of their lives that are causing their depression. CBT also offers solutions to negativity by encouraging the patent to adapt new behavioral responses. Interpersonal therapy is also engaging to the patient and deals with improving the social function of the patient.

This includes conflicting roles, feelings of loss and interpersonal deficiencies that may cause unsatisfying relationships. These approaches along with self-help efforts, family support and group therapy, helps the patient to recover fully from the illness. When compared to medication, it is easier to achieve remission with psychotherapy since it seeks to resolve the underlying causes of depression. Some of the benefits of psychotherapy include improvement of psychosocial functions, relapse prevention and psychosocial impairments (Martin, 2011).

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