Academic Paper: End of Cold War

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Academic Paper: End of Cold War

End of Cold War

As the Cold war came to an end in the late 1950’s and 1960’s, the alliances formed in the European nations continued to grow weak. France started to look for closer relations with the neighboring Eastern Europe. Romania left the Soviet Union policy. The U.S continually got into conflicts with its previous allies as it got involved in the Vietnam War.

President Ronal Reagan termed the Cold War as a very evil war. In the 1980’s he resolved the cold-war policies and increased the nuclear arms. However, his era came to an end after a short period as President George Bush took over office from him in 1988 (Kramer et al., 2007). He brought the country back to stability. The United States relation with its allies was reconstructed by the new president. Bush was more patriotic to the country and his taking over as the president marked the end of the Regan era.

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