Academic Paper: Democracy has become a Coded Message

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Academic Paper: Democracy has become a Coded Message

Democracy has become a Coded Message

However, Dean’s critique ranges from her argument that democracy has become a meaningless coded message invoked by the left and right opportunistic opinion readers. She emphasizes the futility of a political arena enacted by persons determined, not to wrong anyone, and she analyses the questions of truth, trust, knowledge, integrity, and power in relation to any past conspiracy theories. Dean insists that any reestablishment of credible and purposeful left politics will require laying off the mantle of victimization, facing the union of neoliberalism and democracy, and marshall different terms to represent political strategies and motives.

There is no parametric measure that can be used to estimate the limits of democracy. Theorized definition and arguments come from every corner as mankind experience the explosion brought about by communications technology. Perhaps in layman’s language western civilization has been a precursor of neoliberal inventions that are characterized by increased demand for connectivity. Humankind demand & dream beyond what the world can offer at any one time. In fact, the competition for cyberspace is the recent indicator that there will be no one time that resources will be enough.

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