Custom Academic Paper: Depression Recovery

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Custom Academic Paper: Depression Recovery

Depression Recovery

The combined effort of the physicians, patients, and the patient’s family members is vital towards achieving full remission. It is necessary for a skilled physician to take the patient through the available treatment options, for the patient to choose the one that suits them best. Studies have shown that patient’s preferences have a direct effect towards the outcome of psychotherapy.

If a patient is assigned to a non-preferred method of treatment, there is a likelihood of not starting the sessions, dropping out or missing the sessions, not participate fully in therapy and may not form therapeutic alliances. To achieve full remission a patient needs to engage fully in therapy, and stay as long as required in order to enjoy the full benefits of the treatment process. Depression is a long time illness and chances of relapsing are high. The patient should be committed to recovering to achieve remission and avoid the chances of recovery.

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