Custom Academic Paper: The Digital Capitalism

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Custom Academic Paper: The Digital Capitalism

The Digital Capitalism

One of the defining features of the digital capitalism is the growing centrality of free labor and prosumerism. As digital platforms have become increasingly important to the cultural production and political economy of contemporary globalization, the free labor of prosumers is apparent everywhere: from reality television to blogging to YouTube contributions and so on. What is significant about this development?

Capitalism is an ideology that has no limit, and it adapts itself to any new invention no matter what the economic circumstances the world is going through.  The intermittent convergence in the information communication and technology is the greatest development in the history of mankind. Social networking, blogging, and use of YouTube contribution (among other methods of creating social capital investments) is indeed a manifest of the new the global economy (Yang 2009). Digital capitalism has taken a centre stage in the in transforming the world into a global village.

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