Academic Paper: Discover Korea

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Academic Paper: Discover Korea

Discover Korea

Discover Korea was a project designed by Snowberger with the primary goal of ‘promoting tourism in South Korea’ (Full Sail University, 2011). The designer created the project with an aim of promoting and propelling the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to the heights of tourism promotion in the country. Ultimately, the organization would shift tourism patterns from the U.S.A and is allies to South Korea, boosting its global population.

Research conducted by the designer indicated that South Korea’s major tourism hurdle is inadequate marketing and awareness among prospective tourists. Very little is known about South Korea despite the fact that it is the 14th largest global economy, and it boasts of a rich cultural heritage. Similarly, the constant ‘noise’ made about other Asian giants overshadows South Korea. Having established that, the designer came up with effective ideas of overcoming the hurdles. The research was utilized in the creation of websites, logos, print publications, visual graphics, promotion hats and caps to portray and spread South Korea’s image to the world

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