Academic Paper: The Doctrine of Product Liability

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Academic Paper: The Doctrine of Product Liability

The Doctrine of Product Liability

In regard to this scenario, defendants are strictly liable to Jonson. The investigation identified that the seat belt anchor was both inadequate to sustain the forces involved in restraining a person during a crash and had been installed in a manner that increases the likelihood of failure during a crash. Secondly, the fact that Jonson was driving at a speed of 35 miles per hour was sufficient proof that the accident was caused by manufacturer’s negligence. It is immaterial to argue that the accident occurred because Johnson was texting his girlfriend at the time of the accident.

The defendants are legally liable to Johnson. In regard to case law, the doctrine of product liabilities is applicable on the premise that the motor company Chevrolet installed inadequate anchors. The company is legally responsible for the damages caused by installation of faulty anchors. The application of this doctrine in the practice of law stipulates that manufacturers of products are liable for the harm caused by their products either as result of design defect, manufacturing defect or failure to warn (marketing defects).

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