Custom Academic Paper: Affects of Stereotyping

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Custom Academic Paper: Affects of Stereotyping

Effects of Stereotyping

Studies reveal that people display aggressive and apprehensive behavior when subjected to stereotyping, closely related to prejudice. A popular example is the subjection of women to tackle a math test with the knowledge of the stereotype that women cannot do very well in math. After they are through with the test, they display an aggressive behavior and unusual eating and poor decision-making. This was Inzlicht’s argument (as cited by Kemick, 2010).

Women form a majority of the parties affected by stereotyping for centuries. As far as professionalism is concerned, there are very many controversial and mostly negative perceptions about them. When we focus on careers and jobs, many believe that some careers are entirely entitled to men while the women play a relatively minor role. It all starts as early as elementary schools where students are nurtured and made to believe that there are careers meant for men and others for women.

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