Custom Academic Paper: The Gay and Transgender Issue

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Custom Academic Paper: The Gay and Transgender Issue

The Gay and Transgender Issue

Chapter 8 touches on a more sensitive subject; counselling addicted gay, lesbian and transgendered persons (Gerald & Virginia, 2005). The gay and transgender issue has brought about a lot of debates in the society already. The society (counsellors included) is divided when it comes to this issue (Gerald & Virginia, 2005).

As a counsellor, my profession requires that I exercise full professionalism when dealing with clients. However, my values concerning the issue of gays, transgender and lesbianism may affect my job as a counsellor. It will present a challenge when I am trying to counsel a client who fully believes that what he or she is practicing is okay. This conflict of values between my client, and I, on this issue will most definitely affect the counselling environment. Either of the two parties might get offended in the sessions.

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