Academic Paper: Kennedy Defeat in Battle of the Bay of Pigs

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Academic Paper: Kennedy Defeat in Battle of the Bay of Pigs

Kennedy Defeat in Battle of the Bay of Pigs

President Kennedy had a bumpy start in the early days of his presidency. He suffered serious humiliations when he was defeated in the battle of the Bay of Pigs and later when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 successfully. He felt under pressure to prove to the world and his rivals that America was a leader in many aspects especially in the field of science explorations. With the help of his Vice president and his top national advisers, they came up with the decision to be the first country to send men to the moon.

With this, he made public speeches before a special joint congress team in 1961 and before a crowd at the Rice University Stadium where he announced the decision to go to the moon. His primary goal was to land man to the moon before the end of the decade. He also aimed to accelerate the development of nuclear rocket that would help scientist in future explorations beyond the moon. He also requested funding for accelerating the development of space satellite to be used for worldwide communication. His fourth major goal was to request funding for accelerating the setting up of a worldwide weather satellite that would help in the forecasting of weather patterns around the globe. Although critics thought these goals were too overrated and could not be achieved at least not in the time space that was set out, President Kennedy’s goals were finally achieved in 1969. Apollo 11 was successfully launched in 1969 and the first man landed on the moon in July, 20 and came back to earth on July, 24. President Kennedy’ speech ignited the dream and transformed NASA into a fully fledged space exploration agency and has seen major achievements over the years since project Apollo.

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