Academic Paper: Best Leaders of all Time

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Academic Paper: Best Leaders of all Time

Best Leaders of all Time

Not all leaders are good leaders. There are a number of leaders who have failed in their positions of leadership because of certain traits they possess. This is what gets these leaders to be termed as bad leaders. In this paper, I will use the two important leaders from history who have been regarded as one of them being one of the best leaders of all time and the other being one of the worst leaders of all times. I will use the example of John F Kennedy to talk about the qualities and traits of a good leader, and Adolf Hitler to talk about the qualities of a bad leader.


Leadership brings together all the skills and qualities that are required to get people to be inspired to work towards achieving the set goals. Leaders can see the very core of a problem. Sometimes they are able to propose solutions to these problems and where they cannot, they ask for support from the team. Because everyone else looks up to these leaders, good leaders usually possess a positive self-image. They tend to be very creative in coming up with new ideas. Most of them are professionals in the different field that they head and are capable of feeling the change and respond in the right manner.

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