Custom Academic Paper: The Origins of the Cold War

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Custom Academic Paper: The Origins of the Cold War

The Origins of the Cold War

The origins of the Cold War are not really complex. The roots of the Cold War were basically in the World War II. There opening of the second front in Europe by the Western Allies had been delayed for a while. This made the Russians very suspicious. By the year 1946, there were numerous efforts being made by the United States and the Britain geared towards making the whole of Germany unified (Kramer et al., 2007).

They wanted to bring German under the western rule. The soviets union, on the other hand, responded to this move by coming up with satellites in Europe. Stalin made use of the Soviet communism to get dominance over half of Europe. In March 1948, the democratic government was overthrown from Europe by a communist group from Czechoslovakia (Kramer et al., 2007). Thus, the Soviet Union was able to take major control in Central Europe.

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