Academic Paper: Paradigms of Realism

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Academic Paper: Paradigms of Realism

Paradigms of Realism

In the present world, the paradigms of realism make it a difficult concept to conceptualize. Ancient and today’s philosophers have not offered a tangible and a persuasive definition of realism either. Analysts argue that realism is only true to itself and hard to separate from its design and composure. Indeed, realism is believed to be seen when it’s in action, and no accurate description can be given in its respect. Naturally, realism transcends through a number of subject matters such as aesthetic, ethics, mathematics, morality, science, governance, and semantics.

Williams defines realism as preconception held by world leaders, or paradigm, that is based on the assumptions that: the global community is anarchic and consists of independent political units called states(2006). States are seen as the primary actors that inherently possess some offensive military capability (offensive realism) or power which makes them potentially dangerous to each other.

According to Williams, states can never be sure about the intentions of other states; therefore, they live in speculation and mistrust. The driving force is survival and maintenance of each state’s sovereignty. These states are believed to be operationally rational and tend to think strategically about how to sustain their survival(2006).

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