Academic Paper: Pharmacology and Psychotherapy

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Academic Paper: Pharmacology and Psychotherapy

Pharmacology and Psychotherapy

Currently, both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy are the preferred methods of treatment for depression and other mental disorders. However, they both differ in various aspects, which determine a patient’s, preferences. Antidepressants relieve symptoms in a matter of hours while psychotherapy takes slightly longer before the symptoms are relieved. However, psychotherapy results have a lasting effect compared to medication.

Additionally, the margin of relapse after psychotherapy is lengthened compared to that of medication although studies have shown that antidepressants delay or prevent relapses compared to placebos. Psychotherapy also gives the patient the opportunity to make adjustments while being monitored by the physician without any risks or side effects. On the other hand, pharmacotherapy is associated with risks and side effects caused by the drugs that the patient may not tolerate. Such risks as suicidal attacks require constant monitoring especially in patients suffering from severe depression, children, and young adults. Psychotherapy also compared to pharmacotherapy allows the patient to explore different therapeutic settings that help in the recovery of the patient. Settings like the forest allow the patient to interact with nature while providing an environment for socialization and movement.

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