Custom Academic Paper: The US Political Arena

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Custom Academic Paper: The US Political Arena

The US Political Arena

In the U.S political arena, democracy and other Neoliberal ideologies have intensified the realization of a progressive world class economy.  Dean analyzed the ideologies underlying contemporary political culture, and neoliberalization that was implemented during Clinton’s tenure as president (2005). She argues that the ability to build and defend a group vision of equality and solidarity has been substantially undermined by the emergence of communicative capitalism, a recollection of consumerism, and the perpetuation of self interests over group interests, and the embrace of the dialect of victimization.

In Dean’s view, communicative capitalism has been promoted by the internet and other networked communications resources, which undermines political energies to the collection of opinion and the transmission of feelings through social networking. This results into political propaganda which certainly displaces responsibility and the movement of intense feeling overrides the exchange of reason (2005).

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