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Academic Paper: Project Ranger

Paper Project Ranger

Project Ranger was responsible for providing up close images of the moon while project surveyor as the name suggests surveyed the moon surface to provide pictures of the moon surface as well as the chemical and mechanical composition of the moon soil. Lunar orbiter went a mile further to provide images of the entire moon with particular interest on the landing sites for the space craft.

NASA efforts to go to the moon suffered a major set back in 1967 when three men were killed on board Apollo.  It took several months for NASA scientists to design a better spacecraft that was safe for the crew on board. Various components of the Apollo space system were tested in 1968-69 which eventually saw to the success of Apollo 11 historic flight to the moon on July 20th, 1969 and successful comeback on July 24th, 1969.

This marked the success of President Kennedy’s goal. Following the success of Apollo 11, six more missions were later launched before the end of the Apollo space program in 1972. Much data about the moon were collected then and no human has ever been able to travel to the moon again since Apollo 17. Much of the information collected then is what has been used for decades in scientific studies of the moon. With the successful launch of Apollo 11 to and from the moon, America succeeded in the race to the moon against their rivals USSR.

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