Academic Paper: Rational Choice Theory

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Academic Paper: Rational Choice Theory

Rational Choice Theory

In the history of international relations, realism is the oldest and most delicate school of thought that has witnessed numerous paradigms. Hugo Grotius, Michael Doyle, Hedley Bull, Thucydides, Thomas Hobbes, J. Morgenthau. Stephen D Krasner, Morton Kaplan, James N. Roseau, Kenneth Waltz, and other reputable scholars have provided a classical intuition on this subject. Indeed in the twentieth century, the enormous contribution to the state of mind that drives realism, was superficially analyzed.

However, in the recent decades, realism has been modified into a rational-choice theory, in which nations are thought to be pursuing security strategies under conditions of anarchy. Williams, in protest to this theorized rationalist turn, combined with other upcoming scholars who had contemplated pursuing a classical realist approach in search of more solid and historically supported insight. Indeed, he categorically contested Waltzian structural realism that focused on structures rather than agents.

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