Academic Paper: Reasons of Sexual Revolution

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Academic Paper: Reasons of Sexual Revolution

Reasons of Sexual Revolution

1920s sexual revolution began as a reaction to World War 1 which was the first war in which the American troops were sent to Europe.  The War exposed millions of Americans to different lifestyles contrary to the traditional, customary ways of living. It created an avenue in which many young people felt the need to move away from what their parents viewed as the right behavior regarding relationships.

Sexual openness and freedom ware portrayed by flapper women who preferred to remain heterosocial (New generation of women, 2011).  The sexual revolution was also as a result of the increase of more women in the labor force. Prior to the revolution, women worked merely as housewives within the vicinity of their homesteads. During this period, most women joined colleges in great numbers and increased in numbers, in the labor force. It was a time of great economic expansion and prosperity that saw the growth of many towns and cities and the expansion of many business companies creating many jobs (Martin, 2010).

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