Academic Paper: The UN Security Councils Decisions

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Academic Paper: The UN Security Councils Decisions

The UN Security Councils Decisions

The UN Security Council’s decisions are legally binding on all Member States irrespective of their political might. The United States is a member state of the UN Security Council. Therefore, are UNSC decisions are binding on the US?  Does this provision realize Woodrow Wilson’s dream of a forming a collective security system, in which war would be deterred through global coalitions that would take up the responsibility of pursuing an external aggressor?

Historically, US Senate opposed this provision of the League of Nations because perceived it as a threat to Congress’ constitutional prerogative to declare war to any external aggressor. Consequently, the US adopted a policy of isolationism in order to avoid being involved in foreign wars and to protect its sovereignty. The main reason is that the US was keen to share its resources as long as the aggressor was not a threat to its sovereignty, territory or any other nation where it had a wealth of vested interests.

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