Custom Academic Paper: Technological Innovations in IT

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Custom Academic Paper: Technological Innovations in IT

Technological Innovations in IT

Technological innovations in IT have enabled other industries, such as data transcription, software engineering and customer service centers to shift work around the globe. Institutions of higher education, as well as high-skill health care service providers, are also focusing on global outsourcing.

According to Brophy, the global economy is being driven from a digital platform. Workers,, and Authors are  approaching  the implications of digital labor as they are emerging in practice, politics, policy, culture, and theoretical enquiry. Workers are increasingly summoned and disciplined by the new digital technologies that define the modern world workplace and produce ever more complex labor systems.  Similarly, there are increasing new possibilities for outsourcing (labor agency) and new opportunities for collectivities are developed from these multiplicities of digital innovations (2006).

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