Custom Academic Paper: The Women’s Movement

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Custom Academic Paper: The Women’s Movement

The Women’s Movement

The women’s movement that took place in the 1960’s and the 1970’s has raised a lot of different discussions among different scholars. There has been a big claim that it was actually a middle-class movement. By this, the movement’s politics have been looked at as having promoted politics which reformed the states according to what the major concerns of the middle-class women were at the time.

However, looking at the movement from a different perspective, I get the feeling that this claim isn’t true. The development of the women’s movement actually did create an environment to empower all the women, regardless of their class. It made it possible for a union-based, working-class feminism to become a relevant part of the politics in the country. There was thus the development of a strong feminism influence in the country’s politics. In this paper, I will examine some of the major impacts of the movement, and how significant if was for building a powerful feminist presence in the labor movement.

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