Essay: Patients with Mental Disorders

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Essay: Patients with Mental Disorders

Patients with Mental Disorders

There are many forms of disability in the area ranging from mental disorders, physical impairments and health conditions that result in disabilities. Some of these forms like mental disorders require specific health care needs, but the hospital lacks proper services to cater for mentally disabled persons. As a result, most mentally ill persons are turned away from the hospital denying them the right to health care services. According to the world health organization, due to poor health outcomes, most mentally ill persons have a low life expectancy (2011).

Additional information is required to, accurately make an effective marketing strategy plan for the area (Hillestead, Berkowitz, 2004). Firstly, it is vital to know the number of persons with disabilities including adults and children of all age groups and gender. It is also essential to know the number that reports to the medical facility for health services. Community assessment is one of the major ways in which to gather this information. It involves engaging the community, disabled people, parents and members of the family. Information is gathered using such techniques as the door to door interviews, questionnaires, focus groups among others. The information gathered is wide, accurate and reliable (Regional Educational Laboratory Network). An example of techniques used in community assessment is the life cycle model, which encompasses the opinions of the population of all age groups.

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