Custom Essay: The Concept of Offensive Realism

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Custom Essay: The Concept of Offensive Realism

The Concept of Offensive Realism

The concept of offensive realism, is believed to consist of several theories of international politics and foreign policy, and tends to give an analytical forehand to the hostile and unforgiving nature of the international system as the cause of the much witnessed world conflicts (Morgenthau 2004).

In a similar operation as that of defensive realism, some principles of offensive realism seem to support and  at the same differ with Waltz’s concept of neo-realism. However, Waltz’s approach on structural realism gained a centre stage before the anarchy that was witnessed in the last two decades. After the war, in Iraq, Congo, and Afghanistan, the argument on agents and not structures gained favor since the hopes for a new world order deemed uncertain and this led to the need for respecting other theorists.  Offensive realism holds that global anarchy (the absence of a global government or universal rule) provides strong pillars and motivators of expansion.

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