Custom Paper: Formation of United Nations

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Custom Paper: Formation of United Nations

Formation of United Nations

Historically, the name ‘United Nations’ (UN) was logically constructed by the by Franklin D. Roosevelt (a former president of the United States). In his rarely but constructively organized public expression, the term closed His mind. Ignorant of what that would yield to, the term was officially declared on 1st January 1942. In a meeting, attended by a representative of 26 nations during the Second World War the s first used in the declaration was made. The 26 represented nations made pledges continue fighting together as a unit (Bourantonis (2005)).

Member states first established operational organizations to facilitate cooperation on certain matters of common interests. Such matters included telecommunication, trade and financing of various common projects. Indeed, 1865 the International Telecommunication Union was founded. Later, in 1874 the Universal Postal Union and the International Telegraph Union were established and today the two are specialized agencies of the United Nations.

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