Custom Essay: Medical Policies of Britain

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Custom Essay: Medical Policies of Britain

Medical Policies of Britain

In the current British society, people are living longer and longer due to the medical advances that have been made. The number of people who are suffering from the debilitating conditions such as the heart disease and cancer are now able to live for a lot longer than before (Dr. McKneown, 2010). Thus, there is the growing increase of nursing care for the ageing people in the British society.

Thus, the UK has adopted a system for providing more of community care than residential care for the elderly people. Medically, this is seen as being safer since these ageing people will be under the watch of professional nurses who can very easily take care of them.  Resources are being provided by the British government to the medical teams comprising of the general practitioners. This is aimed at increasing their efficiency in providing this community care (Dr. McKneown, 2010).

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