Custom Paper: Beliefs of the Qumran

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Custom Paper: Beliefs of the Qumran

Beliefs of the Qumran

In chapter 7, Collins looks into a discussion of the Qumran. This subject is however described very briefly by the author. However, brief as it is, it does offer a history of the Qumran sect. The discussion is not very extensive largely because of the fact that Collins chose to devote most of the book to the apocalypticism in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Chapter 7 of his book highlights some of the beliefs of the Qumran. Dualism is one of the beliefs that are highlighted greatly on the book. The author particularly does focus between light and darkness. He looks at the periods of history. The messianic expectation of the Qumran and how they did believe in two messiahs is also of interest to Collins. Finally, he looks at the afterlife as viewed by the Qumran.

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