Custom Paper: Burial of Julius Caesar

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Custom Paper: Burial of Julius Caesar

Burial of Julius Caesar

Anthony uses his eloquence to sway the citizens towards his side. Even though the conspirators murdered Caesar for the good of Rome, Anthony turns the republic against them. During Caesars burial, in his eulogy, he says Brutus was among the most loyal friends to Julius Caesar. He refers to him as his angel and since he was involved in his death his treason is greater than all the rest.

It is because of these accusations made by Anthony that the city is thrown into chaos as the mob turn against the liberators. However, the conspirators come to know that their actions and cry for impartiality was only for a short while (Collins, p 29).

The conspirators start committing suicide one after the other. The Rome they all fought and killed Caesar for had turned against them. Their actions thus turn tragic as they start to fight one another and take out their own life too. Later on Mark Anthony and Octavio’s come to an understanding to take over Rome. They are successful in doing so and become the powerful men in the country. These two rise to power and pronounce an end to the Roman Republic.

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