Custom Paper: Capabilities of Hackers

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Custom Paper: Capabilities of Hackers

Capabilities of Hackers

A background overview of the history of intrusions reveals how catastrophic hacking is, and how it affects individuals, corporates government organizations. Rozenberger (2005), noted that, in 1983, a group of youths was arrested by gaining unauthorized access to government organizations in the USA. This amounted to hacking. The shocking thing is the ease with which hacking was achieved.

They only used a personal computer and modem. This example is evidence showing the capabilities that hackers possess today, given the advances in technology. This also emphasizes the point that security measures over the internet and networks should be regarded as a top priority, and measures enforced and implemented. In 1998, another 23-year-old youth created a worm that could penetrate the ARPANET computer. This worm was capable of flooding the memory of computers on the network, in addition to disabling at least, 6000 computers on the same network. When viewed on a global scale, the magnitude of such an attack would be catastrophic today.

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