Custom Paper: Child Care in the Hospital

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Custom Paper: Child Care in the Hospital

Child Care in the Hospital

In the study, the patients and their families cited numerous reasons as to the shortcoming of the hospitals (2003). First, the respondents said, the pastoral care offices had very few staff that could not cater for the needs of all the patients within the hospital.

Additionally, they said, the healthcare providers did not have sufficient knowledge on the issue in order to detect when families needed spiritual help. Finally, many of these providers were called when death was too near for them to actually provide any significant help. Consequently, the study showed that hospitals were fulfilling only about 60% of their spiritual needs.

As previously stated, different families may have different needs when it comes to the matter of child care in the hospital. Nevertheless, the aforementioned issues were deemed significant enough for researchers to develop ‘family- centered care’ for those in hospitals and their families (Shields, Pratt & Davis, 2008).

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