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Custom Paper: Children in Hospital

Children in Hospital

Most of the people in the country have at one time or the other been in the hospital, afflicted with one ailment or the other. As well, many have gone to the hospital to visit family, relatives or friends who are sick. The ailments, like the experiences of the patients and the families, have been diverse. Nevertheless, in whatever capacity they made be in, individuals often go to the hospital with different needs and expectations, which they hope will be fulfilled.

Never more so is this evident than when it comes to the family of children who are ill. The following research paper focuses on the issue of children in the hospital; their needs and those of their families and whether they usually get them fulfilled by the staff at the hospitals. To that end, this paper looks at the aforementioned issue, seeking to determine its importance on the family. Afterwards, the paper will analyze and critique current research conducted on the same. Thereafter, it will summarize the literature review and identify gaps in the research. Finally, the paper will address the implications of the research to nursing practice.

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