Custom Paper: Three Choices of Strategic Positions

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Custom Paper: Three Choices of Strategic Positions

Three Choices of Strategic Positions

i.          Variety-based positioning. The activities of the firm are based on producing a subset of an industry’s products or services. This usually involves giving preference to a choice of products or services over the customer segments. When a company is able to produce particular products using a certain set of activities unique to it, it makes a lot of economic sense. An example of this is Jiffy Lube for auto lubricants only.

ii.         Needs-based positioning. This has got similarities to the traditional targeting of customer segments. It comes up when there are groups of customers who have got different needs. The company or firm has thus got to come up with a set of activities which will be able to serve those needs best. An example of this is when IKEA opts to meet all the home furnishing needs of a certain segment of customers.

iii.        Access-based positioning. This is dividing the company’s activities as per the customers with the same needs. The company chooses the best configuration of activities which will serve all these needs adequately. An example of this is the Carmike Cinemas for theaters in small towns.

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