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Custom Paper: City of God

City of God

Amidst postwar demands for democratization, multinational churches have preoccupied logical operations in the public galleries and homes, guiding their Christian faithful to build a sanctified city stone by a stone, wall by a wall, and roof by roof. Drawing on rich observations and extensive fieldwork, O’Neill tracks the cultural and political setup of one such church, focusing at how neo-Pentecostal Christian doctrines have become acts of citizenship in a modern, politically relevant epoch for Protestantism.

According to O’Neill, this is achieved by focusing on common religious practices, in this case praying for Guatemala, speaking in tongues for the redemption of the nation, and organizing prayer meetings to combat unprecedented levels of crime in the nation (pg57). O’Neill observes that Christianity has re-politicized the disciples as they struggle to understand what it involves being a believer in a desperately volatile Central American city. Imaginative, innovative, conceptually rich, City of God achieve an inter-disciplinary perspective as it sheds light the highly charged, changing the relationship between religion, democracy, and the state in Latin America.

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