Custom Paper: Competence Development

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Custom Paper: Competence Development

Competence Development

It is now evident that multicultural counseling competencies are of utmost importance especially to those people living together and are of a different race, religion or ethnicity. Given that no man is an island, human beings must learn to live together in harmony. We are social beings that have to endorse the multicultural competence for a good correlation. This may be achieved by the interaction of people and development of skills. Non-verbal communication is among the primary skills that one should strive to learn. This can be enhanced by practicing with a trusted colleague the various combinations of non-verbal communication. For instance, one may put into practice the use of eye contact, gesticulation and facial expressions (NGRF, n.d.).

Competence development is also attributed largely by the creation of awareness. It should be clearly noted that it is the attention of one’s own culture, diversity, individual, and others culture (Locke, 1993). However, it is vital to, first of all, learn about oneself before learning about others culture. That is what most counselors will recommend (Locke, 1993). The basic factor for the development of multicultural competence is the learning process.

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