Custom Paper: The Construct of Self-Esteem

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Custom Paper: The Construct of Self-Esteem

The Construct of Self-Esteem

Carl Rogers was an American psychologist of the Humanist tradition whose theory of self, proved to be revolutionary in psychology. According to Rogers, the concept of self is the idea of who an individual is, what constitutes him, and how he relates to his environment (Schultz & Schultz, 2008). The self, Rogers goes on to say, has choices, which are determined by the values one holds.

He adds that human beings have a sense of self- actualization which pushes them towards fulfilling their potential. While seeking self-actualization, a human being discovers himself and becomes more aware of whom he is and his requirements, principles, likes and dislikes, on which he acts. Rogers’ theory also focuses on the nature of the self and how it can develop freely to achieve its full potential. In this regard, the ideas of self- concept and self-esteem are essential. This essay thus focuses on self- esteem and how Rogers’ theory can help people overcome their low sense of self- esteem.

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