Custom Paper: What is a Crime

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Custom Paper: What is a Crime

What is a Crime?

A crime is any act or omission that violates a law and crimes results in a punishment (remedies). Punishments can range from  imprisonment to the payment of fines. The  magnitude of the offense or omission will  be set in reference to the severity of the crime. For instance, parking in a one-hour parking zone for three hours constitutes crime. The punishment commonly involves the issuance of a ticket and payment an amercement. On the other end, robbing citizen at gunpoint (robbery with violence) is gloss severe crime that can result into more serious punishment (capital punishment).

Most significant to note, if a statute merely advocates for a conduct, but does not prescribe a punishment, then a violation  cannot be  regarded as a crime, even though the culprit may be exposed to some  civil liability. For example, many clans’ codes have a general requirement that encourage parents to resolve disputes regarding custody in a friendly manner. However, if the custody battle becomes unbearable, then the violation of this general policy doesn’t constitute a crime. This is because there is no defined punishment.

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