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Custom Paper: Criminal Law

Criminal Law

In the history of the US, several definitions have described so as to ensure easy understanding of  criminal law. According to Hall, criminal law is a branch of law which deals with crimes (offences or omissions) which are committed against the public authority or state (2005). Criminal law is regulated by the states or authority that governs that given  state.

Similarly, according to Herring, criminal law constitutes a body of statutes and rule that describes the conduct forbidden by the government. This is following the fact that the conduct threatens and harms public safety and welfare, and that it establishes punishment to be imposed for the commission of such acts (2009)

Criminal law is distinct from civil law. Criminal law is enforced by the state on an individual (criminal), however, it has procedures of proofing crime. Criminal law is made up of both substantive and procedural law. On the other hand, the civil law refers to wrongs committed by a person to another. Violation of civil law doesn’t constitute a crime.

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