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Custom Paper: Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Although the missile crisis that followed the failed attack at the Bay of Pigs was eventually resolved, many mistakes occurred from all parties ranging from misconceptions, misjudgments and the lack of communication between leaders. The two countries had been rivals in many aspects and had earlier been involved in many rivalry competitions especially space and arms race.

The crisis was a test of wills between the Russian leader and President Kennedy. The Russian leader believed that Kennedy was all talk and could not be able to take up a challenge seriously. On two occasions, the Russian leader had tested Kennedy’s will to challenge the Soviet Union activities in Berlin and Laos. On both occasions, Kennedy’s decision not to stop the construction of the Berlin Wall and the invasion of the Soviet Union into Eastern Laos, resulted to a misconception by Khrushchev, the Russian leader that Kennedy was not ready to retaliate or take any action against them out of fear. He thought of Kennedy as a weak and fearful leader who was only good in tough words and no action.

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